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Welcome to Quantum ML System Forum and have fun!


Welcome and have fun all!!! :blush: :blush: :blush:

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I love torchquantum library!
What a convenient tool for QML developers!
Thanks a lot to torchquantum developers, and I hope Quantum ML System Forum to be active.

Thank you WonJoon_YUN! We are glad to see you like the library. We will continue our efforts to develop TorchQuantum and feel free to discuss or ask any questions here!


Thanks! Mr. Wang!
Actually, our research team has studied quantum multi-agent reinforcement learning with leveraging torchquantum, which reduces 99% computational cost (6 days in other libraries but in <40 minutes in torchquantum). It enables feasibility studies on many existing QML research. Thank you and the torchquantum developers!!

Won Joon

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Dear Won Joon,

That’s indeed very encouraging news to us! Thank you for telling us and we are more than happy to support any issues you may encounter when using our lib. Thanks!


Thanks for sharing this impressive finding by your research team. Would you be able to provide more details about the kind of hardware used to run torchquantum on?

Hi Noob ML Dude,

The torchquantum can be ran on GPUs and CPUs, training in batch mode will provide larger speedup over other frameworks.

Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!