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Quantum computing is at a historic time in its development and there is profound desire for research in quantum computer systems. With quantum system of tens or hundreds of qubits available, plenty of system level problems emerges such as compilation, qubit mapping, instruction scheduling etc. Meanwhile, the large quantum noise on real devices severely jeopardizes the reliability. Our goal is to leverage algorithm-system co-design methodology, especially with the help of Machine Learning to improve noise-robust, efficiency and accuracy of quantum circuits on real quantum devices. Meanwhile, we also expedite on leveraging quantum computers to solve ML tasks in order to achieve quantum advantage on machine learning, i.e., better speed, efficiency and accuracy than classical algorithm. We envision a future in which machine learning being extensively used in all levels of quantum computer design and quantum computers are also used in various machine learning tasks. The virtuous cycle is achieved with our fundamental philosophy: cross-stack software-hardware co-design.